2016 Washington Teachers’ Conference – Eastside

1 KEYNOTE: Flint Simonsen
2 Ray Birks Enriching and Engaging Students in a Digital World: Digital Activities Designed to Challenge and Extend the Classroom Text
3 Erich Bolz RTI 2.0: Where Do We Go When We Have Exhausted Extra Time and Support in the School Day?

4 Robert Bowman The Growth Mindset Actualized: What Happens When Staff and Students Collectively Believe in the Growth Mindset

5 Kathleen Budge & William Parrett Turning High Poverty Schools into High Performing Schools
6 Shanna Davis Creating Nurturing Classroom Environments: Promoting and Preventing Challenges
7 Alicen Gaytley 7 R’s: Brain Friendly Fundamentals (BFFs) For All Learners

8 Maria Hernandez & Miguel Puente Changing School Culture by Empowering Teachers

9 Doug Kaplicky Creating a Climate Utilizing the Cards You are Dealt
10 Carla Kessler Vocabutrix – Brain-Based Word Learning

11 Tonya Lieja Beyond ‘Just Right ‘ Text: Gain Access to Rich Content through Vocabulary Infused Interactive Read Aloud Technique
12 Ann Ottmar Building a Mathematical Mindset
13 Catheleen Schlotter Infusing Social and Emotional Learning for Student Success

12 Shelly Shaffer Promoting Student Engagement and Motivation in Secondary Classrooms through TPEP Strategies
13  Flint Simonsen Beyond Classroom Management: Addressing Severe, Challenging Behaviors
14 Monte Syrie Project 180: One Educator’s Journey to Turn Grading Upside Down

15 Laura Willner & Amy Jackson Changing the Narrative: Life, Literacy and the Pursuit of Happiness