2016 Washington Teachers’ Conference Westside

1 KEYNOTE: Kathleen Budge & Bill Parrett  Disrupting Poverty to Meet the Needs of Each and Every Whole Child

2 Christine Brandt, Ryan Prosser, Sharice Madison & Kyrstal Keller Implementation of the “Whole Child” School Wide
3 Kimberly Beeson The ACE Study: Their Trauma, My Stress, Our Resilience

4 Molly Berger & Carol Coe ELA and SS: Building Background Knowledge

5 Kathleen Budge & Bill Parrett Creating Poverty Literate Classroom Cultures

6 Kristi Dominguez & Nina Ballew Creating Developmentally Appropriate , Rigorous Full-Day Kindergarten Programs

7 Hope Teague-Bowling Leveraging Student Data to Inform Instructional Move
8 Linda Cowan & Andrea Haas Fostering Resiliency in Learners

9 Damon Crump & Ryan Booth Adventures in Game Based Learning
10 Christopher Daikos & Courtney Daikos ACEs Informed Multi-Tiered Systems of Support
11 Wally Endicott, Dave Colombini, Laura Smith & John Mitchell A Whole Child is a Hopeful Child

12  Erik Francis  Now That’s a Good Question: How to Promote Cognitive Rigor through Classroom Questioning
13 Alicen Gaytley 7 Rs: Brain Friendly Fundamentals (BFFs) For All Learners

14  John Helgeson  Reading, Movement, and Complex Text

15 Maria Hernandez & Miguel Puente Changing School Culture by Empowering Teachers

16 Kris Ilgavizis & John Hines Assessment of Student Discourse
17 Bernard Koontz Additive Language Learning: Realizing the Capacity of Emergent Bilinguals
18 Jennifer Kubista, Greg Benner, Rayann Silva & Christine Brandt Supporting the Whole Child: School-Wide to the Classroom
19 Cheryl Macintyre & Jill Eoff Teaching math with a Growth Mindset
20  Marissa Rathbone Reducing Bias-Based Bullying in Elementary Schools and Beyond
21  Kristi Stanek & Kim Williams  Using Microsoft Tools to Connect Your Classroom to the World
22 Michelle Thomassian & Sisto Pina Career Access & Pathways

23  Ken Turner  Movement and Activity in ALL classrooms:  Tools and Tricks to Ramp up Student Engagement in Science, Math and Other Subjects