TWO Fall Professional Learning Opportunities >> Don’t Miss Out!

WSASCD + Consortium for Educational Change (CEC) Strong Working Relationships Through Healthy Conflict

Wednesday, November 3 3:45–5:15 p.m. PT via Zoom

When all adults at a school site have the required skills to effectively build strong working relationships, systems experience high levels of staff engagement and outcome measures. These skills, however, require explicit training and leadership to foster and maintain. Adult conflict is natural and high performing teams know how to use conflict to leverage improvement. But for most educators, addressing conflict or tension can be uncomfortable and is often avoided at all costs. When used in a healthy manner, conflict can provide a bridge to open, honest conversations that result in establishing trusting relationships to mobilize effective problem solving. This session will introduce ways to navigate healthy working relationships and help move those challenging discussions to a productive level.

In this session, we will focus on:
• Identifying the attributes of healthy working relationships.
• Strategies for managing healthy conflict that arises amongst all stakeholders.
• Opportunities to address relationships that might need to be reset.
Ways to help school leaders coach and mentor staff to utilize conflict resolution skills with others.

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Teaching in a Team: Best Practices to Accelerate Student Learning

This training has been postponed – thank you for your patience as a new date is being determined. 

Presented by WSASCD and led by Dana Richardson, Instructional Specialist, South Kitsap School District, this session is dedicated to best practices in collaborating, planning, and providing supplemental small-group instruction to accelerate student learning and/or ameliorate COVID-19 related learning gaps.

We will dive into a systems approach to partnering with others to support student learning to accelerate learning through collaborative support with a focus on:
• Building Collective Capacity for a Powerful Launch: Staffing, Partnerships, Inclusive Community
• High-Yield Instructional Practices: Structures and Strategies
• Alignment for Acceleration: Complementary Coordination and Communication