*Incoming* Executive Director

Welcome Claire Carter!

WSASCD is pleased to introduce Claire Carter, the incoming executive director! In addition to her new role with, Claire is also a clinical instructor for Moreland University, teaching master’s in education courses and supporting student teaching candidates globally. She loves supporting teachers using a strengths-based approach to the inquiry cycle for improving their practice, and therefore outcomes for students.  She is thrilled at the opportunity to expand this impact to teachers and their efforts in “promoting promising practices to ensure all students are safe, healthy, engaged, supported, and challenged” in Washington State.

Claire has experience developing and implementing strategic plans at the school level as a principal and at the corporate level in my work as a Customer Success Manager and Professional Learning Director in the field of educational technology and teacher evaluation.As along-time professional in the field of education, she has worked with a variety of organizations, from Boards of Directors, local school systems, and unions. Education is all about building relationships with a community of teachers, administrators, board leaders, and even legislators.

Claire has a deep passion and commitment to teachers and student, and desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others with caring support. WSASCD is so fortunate to have Claire’s leadership to continue the important work and mission of this organization.

As I move away from the WSASCD executive coordinator role, I will continue to champion WSASCD and their mission to serve the Whole Child. Good things are coming for WSASCD members, as this organization will continue to be innovative in serving each of YOU with the Whole Educator in mind. It has been an honor to lead and contribute to an organization that offers valuable resources and programs to support educators across our state.  Thank you for this opportunity to learn, teach, and lead!


Carrie Lam

2022 WSASCD Awards Program

Washington State ASCD is looking forward to showcasing a school in our state doing exemplary work in support of the Whole Child. We also look forward recognizing an outstanding educator 40 years or younger for the Outstanding Young Educator Award (OYEA)

The Whole Child Award recipient will receive $500 sponsored by SHAPE WA.

The OYEA recipient will receive $1,000 sponsored by GALE.

See this flyer for more details about how to apply for the 2022 Washington State ASCD Awards Program

*Due date extended* All nominations are due May 13.

Honoring Emotional Resilience in New Educators: Developing the Habits and Dispositions to Flourish

Honoring Emotional Resilience in New Educators: Developing the Habits and Dispositions to Flourish


May 10 and 17, 2022 | 4–5:30 p.m. via Zoom

Facilitators, Robin Henrikson and Emily Huff, will lean into the work and adapt activities from the book Onward by Elena Aguilar.

Objectives/Desired Outcomes:
By attending Honoring Emotional Resilience in New Educators: Developing the Habits and Dispositions to Flourish, participants will be able to reflect, celebrate, and dialogue in learning communities. Participate in this learning opportunity to unpack experiences and expectations that will help you flourish as an educator.

Through personal reflection and collaborative dialogue, participants will:

  • Evaluate your levels of emotional resilience by reflecting on personal and professional experiences over the last two years
  • Formalize the tools and habits that will enable you to flourish next year and beyond
  • Formalize some professional and personal goals that align with your values
  • Identify the personal and professional networks that will help support your continued success
  • Develop a plan for being accountable to your personal and professional vision

Washington State ASCD is focused on recovery efforts and trauma-invested practices that support a Whole Child approach.

Who Should Attend:
First–third year teachers and those who support them.


Please join WSASCD + ASCD for the Whole Child Institute -Virtual 

February 26, 2022 | 9:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. PST

REGISTER HERE   |  Whole Child Institute Details  |  Breakout Sessions



Our mission to support the Whole Child cannot be done in just one month. Here are some ways that you can promote the Whole Child beyond January!


WSASCD + ASCD: Teaching with Empathy: How to Transform Your Practice by Understanding Your Learners A Book Study Series

What does it mean to teach with empathy?

Whether it’s planning and delivering instruction or just interacting with others throughout the day, every action you take is an opportunity to demonstrate empathy toward your students, your colleagues, and yourself.

Book Study Takeaways
Through this book study we will focus on exploring the three types of empathy; and how each intertwine with curriculum, learning environment, equity practices, instruction and assessment, and grading and reporting.

You will gain tips and tools, real-world classroom examples, powerful stories for teaching and practicing empathy.

You will learn what’s possible when you let compassion and acceptance inform all aspects of your daily practice.

More details here

$94.99 per individual or $295 group registration (four registrants—three paid and one complimentary). Registration closes January 7, 2022.

Click here to complete the Individual registration.
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TWO Fall Professional Learning Opportunities >> Don’t Miss Out!

WSASCD + Consortium for Educational Change (CEC) Strong Working Relationships Through Healthy Conflict

Wednesday, November 3 3:45–5:15 p.m. PT via Zoom

When all adults at a school site have the required skills to effectively build strong working relationships, systems experience high levels of staff engagement and outcome measures. These skills, however, require explicit training and leadership to foster and maintain. Adult conflict is natural and high performing teams know how to use conflict to leverage improvement. But for most educators, addressing conflict or tension can be uncomfortable and is often avoided at all costs. When used in a healthy manner, conflict can provide a bridge to open, honest conversations that result in establishing trusting relationships to mobilize effective problem solving. This session will introduce ways to navigate healthy working relationships and help move those challenging discussions to a productive level.

In this session, we will focus on:
• Identifying the attributes of healthy working relationships.
• Strategies for managing healthy conflict that arises amongst all stakeholders.
• Opportunities to address relationships that might need to be reset.
Ways to help school leaders coach and mentor staff to utilize conflict resolution skills with others.

Additional details + Registration here

Teaching in a Team: Best Practices to Accelerate Student Learning

This training has been postponed – thank you for your patience as a new date is being determined. 

Presented by WSASCD and led by Dana Richardson, Instructional Specialist, South Kitsap School District, this session is dedicated to best practices in collaborating, planning, and providing supplemental small-group instruction to accelerate student learning and/or ameliorate COVID-19 related learning gaps.

We will dive into a systems approach to partnering with others to support student learning to accelerate learning through collaborative support with a focus on:
• Building Collective Capacity for a Powerful Launch: Staffing, Partnerships, Inclusive Community
• High-Yield Instructional Practices: Structures and Strategies
• Alignment for Acceleration: Complementary Coordination and Communication

Where do we go from here? Teaching, leading, and learning after 2020

Washington State ASCD is pleased to present the Spring/Summer 2021 Issue of Curriculum In Context: Where do we go from here? Teaching, leading, and learning after 2020 (PDF)

Professional educators have been adopting and reimagining our work for fifteen months now, and let’s be honest: we are all tired. We’ve seen the public shift their sentiments from the messaging around the heroic educators on the front lines to the selfish teachers who won’t bargain with the districts to get kids back to school. In one particularly vivid mental image, teachers are described as literally blocking access to the classroom door (Will, 2021) while children sob about their remote schoolwork and feelings of isolation. Certainly, some educators and families alike have discovered the benefits of remote teaching and learning, such as the opportunities for individualized pacing and access to content (Tesfaye, 2021). Perhaps unsurprisingly, nothing about the spring return to school seems to be uniform across the country, much less in Washington. [Continue reading Editor’s message]


REGISTER TODAY! WSASCD + Curriculum Associates: Inclusive Math Instruction w/ Dr. Kersaint

Presented by WSASCD and Curriculum Associates this session, led by Dr. Gladis Kersaint, will encourage the audience to consider influences on providing inclusive mathematics instruction and interventions needed to provide all students access and opportunities to learn.

In this session we will focus on:

-Why providing inclusive mathematics is important.

-Ways to ensure the needs of all students are met.

-Universal pedagogical practices that ensure all students have access and opportunities to learn rigorous mathematics.

Thursday, May 13 4-5:30pm PST

Details at: http://www.wasa-oly.org/WSASCD_InclusiveMath

Single registration $65

Team registration $199/3 registrations + one free

This professional learning may be eligible for Title I or Title II funding. Please contact your program director for more information.