Clock Hours

Who can use clock hours?
Washington state educator clock hours are used for salary advancement by some employers and for certificate maintenance. Contact your employer regarding using clock hours for salary advancement.  Contact OSPI’s Certification office to determine if your certificate requires clock hours at:

When you attend Washington State ASCD professional development events, you can receive clock hours through Washington State ASCD.  WSASCD adheres by the clock hour provider policies (defined agency WAC 181-85-045; record keeping WAC 181-85-210; approval standards WAC 181-85-200, and the content standards in WAC 181-85-202.

Clock Hour Fee

Clock hours are $3.00 per clock hour with a $5.00 minimum.

Need STEM clock hours?

Washington State ASCD is offering clock hours for the two ASCD PD Online Courses (each course is eligible for 20 STEM clock hours):

(1) STEM for All | Instructor Tinkhani Ushe Hargrove | Syllabus| Buy Course

(2) The Next Generation Science Standards |Instructor Paula E Young | Syllabus | Buy Course

ASCD Online PD courses are self-paced asynchronous online course. You can register anytime after June 15, 2020 and you must complete the course by June 14, 2021. Upon completion, learners receive a certification of completion with which you can use to request STEM clock hours from WSASCD.

What do I need to request clock hours?

To request clock hours you will need to provide a complete (1) WSASCD clock hour request form, (2) copy of receipt for course, (3) certificate of completion, and (4) payment -$60.00/20 clock hours. Complete the appropriate WSASCD online evaluation for: STEM for All  or The Next Generation Science Standards

WSASCD Clock Hour Request Form

Questions? email WSASCD executive coordinator Carrie Lam at

ASCD Online PD Courses

As of, August 24, 2019, WSASCD is unable to process clock hours for all ASCD online courses due to clock hour policy updates. WSASCD is able to process clock hours for courses: STEM for All & The Next Generation Science Standards.  If you are currently enrolled or recently completed an ASCD Online PD course you may apply for academic credit in lieu of clock hours. For more information visit: Academic Credit and Academic Credit Listings Note: The additional cost and requirements are between the educator and the academic institution. ASCD is not involved in the process.