Eastern Washington Education Conference Presenters

Bonnie Albertson
Bonnie Albertson;  Nicole Blake
Janet BalesSessions have been cancelled
  • Fast Math: Math Fluency AND Fraction Nation: Building Fraction Fluency
  • Scholastic Math Inventory (SMI) Formative Assessment
  • Math 180-Middle School Math Intervention
Kristina Beach          Sally Mack
  • How to use G.L.A.D. strategies in PreK-12 classroom while meeting TPEP goals and CCSS for all learners
Michael Bell
  • Data With Intention – Using Math-Whizz Reports
Dr. Gregory Benner
  • Practical Social Emotional Learning Strategies for the Classroom: Making it Happen
  • Social Emotional Learning for Students With Behavioral Disorders: Making it Happen in the Classroom
  • The Whole Child Initiative: A Sustainable, City-Wide System of Support for Tacoma Youth
Sarah Berglund
  • Tips and Tricks in the Orchestra Classroom
Randy Bjur
  • 266 Dog Years: Don’t Just Survive, Thrive
  • Handout
Deborah Burke
  • STEM Integration Projects
  • Handout
Dr. Karen Burke
  • READ 180 and System 44 End-of-Year Gains Analysis  (For Richland SD READ 180 and System 44 Teachers and Administrators Only)
  • Writing, Writing, Writing! Engaging all Students Everyday! – Middle School – Part I & II
Mandy Cathey; Nita Kamphuis; Sharon Bradley
  • All Special Education Staff Training
Jane Chadsey
Dr. Yichien Cooper
  • Integrating Chinese Arts and Culture into Curriculum
Melanie Cushing        Joely Nye-Felt             Amy Strege
  • Growing Poverty in Richland: Strategies to Engage Families
Claire Dann, Stephanie Button, Dale Jansons
  • The REACH Museum: Your Partner in Education
  • Handout
Patti Davenport
  • All About that Bass: A Critical Foundation for Innovative Instruction
  • Dare to break the mold: Maximizing student engagement and motivation
Wendy DeWeirdt
  • Dreambox Learning Math
Emily Diehl
  • Ignite Learning with a Growth Mindset – Grades 4-5
  • Ignite Learning with a Growth Mindset – Grades K-3
  • Ignite Learning with a Growth Mindset – Grades 6+
Rick Donahoe; Erin Tomlinson; Lauren Schoenwald
  • Improving Early Childhood Literacy and Kindergarten Readiness through Parent Education
  • Handout
Dierdre Ducharme     Dr. Cristi Alberino
  • Smarter Balanced Assessment System: Connecting the ELA Claims to Classroom Instruction for Grades K-5
  • Handout
  • Smarter Balanced Assessment System: Connecting the ELA Claims to Classroom Instruction for Grades 6-HS
  • Handout
FunPEGuy – Dennis Stands
  • Building Teamwork & Skills in Physical Education– Part I
  • Handout
  • Building Teamwork & Skills in Physical Education– Part II
  • Handout
  • Building Teamwork & Skills in Physical Education– Part III
  • Handout
Kerry Gavett
  • El camino al éxito – A Spanish Kindergarten Early Reading Intervention
  • Handout
Pete Hall
Dr. Yun-Ju Hsiao        Dr. Yichien Cooper
  • Inclusive Instruction Practices: Past, Present, and Future
Anton Jackson      Jennifer Judkins      Julie Wagner
  • Teaching and Assessing the WA State K–12 Learning Standards for Mathematics in 2015–16
  • Handout
Chris Johnson
Greg Kelly
  • PowerTeacher for Experienced Users
  • Handout
  • Algebra without homework? – Reaching Every Student
  • Handout
Dr. Kate Kinsella
Mike Klinger
  • Getting Better Recordings of Your Bands/Choirs
  • Teaching Music In A Connected World
  • iPads In The Music Classroom
Cindy Knisely            Beth Simpson
  • The ELA Smarter Balanced Assessment: What We’re Learning – Part I
  • Handout
  • The ELA Smarter Balanced Assessment: What We’re Learning – Part II
  • Handout
  • Getting to Know the ELA Performance Task
  • Handout
Barb Lark
Karen Lipp                      Tina Wutzke            Kendra Leggett              Andrea Patterson
  • Developing the Building Blocks of Number Sense in Kindergarten
  • Handout
  • Creating a STEAM program in your school
  • Integrating STEAM to increase student engagement
Melissa McBurney    Brian Sites
  • Utilizing EdReady for College Math Readiness
Amy McLaughlin    Linda Stairet                 Jill Loftus
  • AVID – Note Taking K-5
Amy McLaughlin    Linda Stairet Jill Loftus Kristina Tucker
  • Close Reading – it is more than just rereading the text! AVID – Reading Inside and Outside of the Text
Brenda Marler             Ellen Eddy
  • Using Homeroom Data to Close the Gap
Ryan Murtfeldt   Jennifer Szolnoki
  • How to Avoid Burnout and Love Teaching Again
Deb Newberry
  • Hands-On Activities to Infuse Nanotechnology Content into Traditional Science Classes – Part I & Part II
  • Handout
Pete Perez; Jerad Farley; Justin Johnson
  • Nobody Gets to Opt Out. Nobody Gets to Fail.
Mason Rivers
  • Richland School District Psychologists work group session – Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses evaluation and eligibility criteria
Dr. Christopher Roberts
  • Singing Games for Upper Elementary Students
  • Handout
  • Rockin’ Music Literacy Segments
  • Handout
  • Yes! You Can Help Your Students Sing in Tune!
  • Handout
Kesha Shorts       Tascina Penor
  • ELL/CLD Separating Difference from Disability
  • Handout
Randall Spaur
  • Make Google Work for You
Linda Stairet                Jill Loftus                 Randy Fairfield
  • AVID Strategies + Instructional Technology = Rigorous Learning
Jeff Utecht
  • Keynote Session – Preparing for Doc and Marty
  • Moving From Sorting to Searching
  • Google Apps in the Classroom
  • Students as Creators and Contributors
Dr. Tricia Valdez-Zontek; Dr. Teddi Beam-Conroy
  • Understanding and putting the WA English Language Proficiency Standards into action in schools
  • Culturally and Linguistically Responsiveness is for Everyone!
Karen Weakley
  • High Standards in Early Learning Programs: Is DAP Dead and Gone?
Laura Wesley           Keith Mataya                Steve Perez                Donnetta Elsasser
  • Did You See That? Looking Closely at Sources of History
  • Civic Action Project (CAP)-Connecting Your Government Class and the Real World
Jack Williams
  • Teaching with Love and Logic In Mind
Allison Winston
  • Hapara Powers Connected Learning for Teachers and Students using Google Apps for Education
Angie Withers               Trish Hilt
  • Identifying and Addressing Anxiety in the School Setting
  • Handout
Nancy Wittman
  • Communication Training Options for the Non-Verbal Student – A Look at the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
Amy Yardley
  • Communicating Within a Culture of Poverty:  Improving Outcomes for Everyone  Part I & II
  • Handout