Generation Wellness | Workplace Wellness Academy

WSASCD and Generation Wellness have partnered to bring you this course for $20 off. Register now to learn new strategies and feel empowered during these stressful times. Sign up and save $20 with this link:
2 clock hours are available w/ clock hour fee of $6

Here’s What’s Covered in the Workplace Wellness Academy:

Brain/Body Response to Stress

Explore the latest neuroscience and effects of stress and trauma.

Emotional First-Aid

Learn simple strategies to self-regulate during stressful situations or traumatic events.

Self-Care Practices

Create a self-care toolkit and resiliency plan.

Energy-Audit and Scheduling

Increase energy through auditing activities, goal-setting, and time blocking.

Workplace Wellness

Create foundational practices that cultivate connection and well-being in the workplace.


Complete the course in 30 days and access bonuses.