PRE-RELEASE Article: Virtual Engagement Strategies for Adult Learners

Letter from the Editor

When the WSASCD board and editors of the journal selected our theme for the next issue of Curriculum in Context, we had no idea that the “21st Century is NOW” would mean a sudden pivot to fully remote learning across the state. Most of our authors submitted their articles before the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are busy preparing the next full issue for a summer 2020 release. This issue will feature a wide range of topics, including how educators from the Richland School District and Northwest Nazarene University collaborated on a model for systematic technology integration that centers student ownership and personalized learning. Readers will also learn about Neuro-Semantic Language Learning Theory, heart screening for teenagers in the Burlington-Edison School District and tools for better supporting students identifying as transgender.  All of these articles offer relevant and meaningful ways to grow and extend our ability to serve the whole child.

When this article came in, we recognized immediately what a powerful resource this could be to our readers right now as you work to develop countless workshops and trainings in new technology and adapted pedagogy. Taylor, Curtis and Bannon categorize and describe 25 strategies or routines that are grounded in adult learning theory and accessibly presented. We will feature this article in the full journal as well, but please enjoy this pre-release and accept our gratitude for all of your work on behalf of P-12 learners everywhere.

Dr. Jill Heiney-Smith, Managing Editor

Message from the President

Washington State ASCD is committed to supporting educators across our State with learning, teaching, and leading for the Whole Child. As part of these efforts, we strive to provide constituents with timely and relevant resources that can be put into practice.

Our Spring/Summer issue of the Curriculum in Context Journal is focused on: The 21st Century is NOW! As part of our Call for Articles, we received one article, in particular, that serves as incredibly timely, relevant, and tangible for educators during times of distance and remote learning. In turn, we are releasing this article prior to our full Spring/Summer journal.

On behalf of the WSASCD Board of Directors, I hope this article finds you well and supports important virtual collaboration during these evolving times in which we’re leading.

Dr. Hannah L. Gbenro

President, Washington State ASCD

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