Presenter Materials

2016 Washington Teachers’ Conference – Westside

2016 Washington Teachers’ Conference – Eastside

Sound Practices to Reach Every Student: Making Sense of ACEs and PBIS
Wenatchee Event with Dr. Garcia, Dr. Benner and Dr. Kubista
Keynote 1 – The Importance of Whole Child Development
Keynote 2 – Social and Emotional Learning Core Competencies
Keynote 3 – Effective Practices that Support the Whole Child

Dr. Pedro Noguera – Equity through Excellence


Questions and Prompts for Discussion
PSESD Policy Review Worksheet
2 Minute Share Out
FWPS Action Planning Template
FWPS Cause Cards
FWPS Data Driven Dialogue
FWPS Noguera Facilitator Guide
Root Cause Analysis Protocol

2015 Eastern Washington Education Conference – Richland

Presenter Materials

5th Annual (2014) RTI-PLC Conference – Richland

Appel – CCSS in the Middle School ELA Classroom
Berger – Research Standards in the Common Core and Smarter Balanced: A Synthesis of Learning
Berglund – Basic Orchestra In-Class String Repairs
Bryan, Muntean, Stordeur – What’s New with National Board Certification?
Buttars – Singapore Advanced ‘Make and Take’ Session
Cooper – Wheel of Awareness: Students-Centered Curriculum and Assessment
Cooper – Moving Ahead: Common Core and National Coalition for Core Arts Standards
Craig-Mickel – User Defined Uploads for Homeroom Progress Monitoring
Craig-Mickel – Homeroom Data Extracts to Show Student Growth

DeJong – Collaboration for Successful Inclusion   

DesChane & Poff – Special Education Basics for the General Educator
DeTienne and Jones – Implementing CCSS with Differentiated Instruction and hands-on Activities for the K-2 Classroom
Diehl – Mindsets and Motivation 

Doyle – SBAC Performance Task Math   

Doyle – SBAC on-Line Assessment Math  

Dueck – Wednesday Keynote Materials – The Value of a Target
Dueck – Collared Shirts and Canned Food Drives Not in Standards
Dunn – Smartboards in your Universal Design for Learning Toolkit  
Dunn – Smart Inclusion: I have lots of Stuff – Now what?  
Dunn – iPads as Part of your Universal Design for Learning Toolkit
Gookin – The Art of Musical Conducting  
Guaman – Collaboration and Engagement Strategies
Hitch – Homeroom Basics  
Howard – Overview of TPEP and CEL 5-D for teachers newly transitioning in 14-15
Klug- Khan Academy  
Lane – Using Encyclopedia Britannica and Image Quest in the Classroom
Lane – Atomic Learning
Lane – Navigating the World of eBooks: Classroom Integration
Leppien – What Makes Quality Curriculum for Advanced Learners and What Does This Have to do With CCSS?
Macias, Wheeler, Hall – Daily 5/Cafe Overview and TPEP Connections  
Picanco – Accelerated Learning & Enhanced Instruction: Differentiation for Highly Capable Students
Poff & DesChane – Understanding the IEP for General Education Teachers
Blank Accommodations Form

Pottle – Math Tools for Educators  

Rohman – Sensory Accommodations for the Classroom   

Rose, Carri – K-5 Music Composing Strategies  
Rose, Carri – Teaching Music through Movement  
Rose, Jason – Sibelius Briefs  
Soots – OER and the Common Core      

Stewart – The Many Faces of Anxiety  

Tunnell – Read Well Refresher  
Weakley – Observation As A Key To Responsive Teaching
Weast, Jerry – Lessons from PreK-3 in Montgomery County Schools

Yecha – ECOM Advanced  

CCSS Communication Symposium – Yakima

Co-Sponsored with CCSSO, ASCD, OSPI
Symposium Materials

2014 Spring Conference

Co-Sponsored with WERA and Learning Forward

Keynote Session (Stephanie Hirsh): Increasing the Effectiveness of Professional Learning

Session: Facilitating Change: Supporting the Work and Managing Resistance;Dissenting Voice and Why Structure ; Managing Resistance ppt ; Managing Resistance handout

Session: Keeping the Course: Sustaining Momentum and Progress on Your Initiative

Session: Teachers as Agents of ChangeBarth Synopsis ; Barth The Time is Right 2013

Session: Assessing the Impact of Professional Development: Reality and TheoryHarmon & Taylor OSPI CSTP ; Data-Related Quotes ; Qualitative Data Collection Methods

4th Annual RTI-PLC Conference – Richland

Bradley, Pardini & Bolson Social Thinking for General Education Students

Butler (13 Items) Students as Assessment Partners by Answering the 4 PLC Questions

Cable Cultural Competence Training for Educators (teacher website)

Doepker & Holbrook Platooning: Content Teaching in an Elementary Setting

Dluhosh (2 Items) Music Therapy: An Introduction and Uses in the Classroom

Ebert  Next Generation Science 101

Feldman (3 Items) Materials for Keynote

Feldman (5 Items) Leading RTI: A Potential Key to Increasing Student Achievement

Feldman (4 Items) Improving Secondary School-Wide Literacy in Light of RTI and CCSS 6-12

Feldman (4 Items) Improving Elementary School-Wide Literacy in Light of RTI and the CCSS K-6

Gallagher (5 Items) Because You Can’t Memorize Understanding: Implementing the CCSS-Math for ALL Students

Howard  Keynote Teacher Evaluation (TPEP)

Johnson Working with Difficult People

LaBryer Read Well: Grade 1-2 Refresher

Lane (5 Items) Navigating Online Resources for Middle and High School Language Arts and Reading

McCullough Read Well: Kindergarten Refresher

Page (7 items) Learning Games for Vocabulary and Skills

Pottle Math Tools for Paraeductors

Rose & Abrams – Education Preschool to Grade Three: Setting a Firm Foundation in Academic and Social Skills

Soots (3 Items) OER 101: Introduction to Open Educational Resources

Stafford  Common Core with Technology Skills for Digital Communication (website)

Stafford  Common Core With Technology Skills for PBL (website)

Tunnell  Using Read Well in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade

Valdez-Zontek (3 items) Serving English Language Learners

Technology Institute with Jeff Utecht

Website used for Institute –

Dr. Harvey Alvy – Learning from Lincoln

Powerpoint (pdf)

Rick Wormeli – Standards-Based Grading


Rick Wormeli – Differentiated Instruction


2012 Annual Conference Presenters’ Handouts

Reality Needs a Better Game Design (pdf) – Jane McGonigal

Backwards Design with our Students in Mind (pdf) – Tammy Campbell

OSPI Updates: Current Trends and the Evolving Assessment Landscape – Alan Burke, Robin Munson

Engaging with Washington’s Common Core Mathematics: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going (pdf) – Greta Bornemann, Anne Gallagher

State Early Learning and Assessment Priorities (pdf) – Kathe Taylor, Bob Butts

Hopeful and Whole: Hidden Creek Elementary, a School Moving Toward Joy! (link) – Laura Smith, Maura Crisp, David Listoe, Kim Ellis, Frank Laverty, Wally Endicott

Whole Child Approaches to Improving Student Learning and Well-Being (pdf) – Greg Williamson, Ron Hertel, Sarah Butzine, Dixie Grunenfelder

Implementing Innovative and Effective Assessment Strategies at the Secondary Level  (pdf) – Myron Dueck

Motivating Kids in the Gap: Building Efficacy through the Arts (pdf) – Sibyl Barnum, Terese Emry, Shelby O’Connor

Money, Manpower and Measurement: How Smaller Districts Can Adapt Best-Practice to effecitively Mentor Teachers (pdf) – Jeremy Delamarter

Assessing Text Complexity Using the Common Core State Standards (pdf) – Laura Willner

Empower Students: Five Powerful Strategies (pdf) – Celina Brennan, Ann Ottmar

Empower Students with Rich Vocabulary (pdf) – John Helgeson

Online Learning: A How-To Guide (pdf) – Karl Nelson

Creating an Engaging and Safe School Culture: Implementing PBIS (pdf) – Lori Lynass, Jinna Risdal

The Cowardly Lion Had it Right: Courage to be an OZ-Some Principal (pdf) – Larry Davis, Bruce Davis

Student Engagement: Engaging Classroom Practices (pdf) – Bridget Hocutt, Betsy Casteel, Lisa Hagen, Lisa Heffernan

Engaging with Washington’s Common Core English Language Arts: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going (pdf) Related Materials – Liisa Moilanen Potts, Luisa Sanchez-Nilsen

Communication, Collaboration and Success with Social Media and Technology (link) – Hannah Gbenro, Ron Mayberry