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Journal of School Health – Wiley Online Library

Collection of Journals

Special Issue: The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model. Guest Editor: Holly Hunt, MA. National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Population Health, Healthy Schools Program

Video Links

Man University – Jemtegaard Middle School, Washougal
Creating a Culture of Support – First Creek Middle School, Tacoma
Standards-Based Grading – Rick Wormeli
On Late Work – Rick Wormeli
How Much Should Homework Count? – Rick Wormeli
Redos, Retakes and Do-Overs, Part 1 – Rick Wormeli
Redos, Retakes and Do-Overs, Part 2 – Rick Wormeli
Gradebooks – Rick Wormeli
Introduction to Assessment and Grading in the Differentiated Classroom – Rick Wormeli
Resource Materials for Complex Trauma and Resiliency from Washington State Department of Health

The Whole Child

ASCD calls on parents, educators, policymakers, and communities to join forces to ensure our children become productive, engaged citizens. Our children deserve an education that emphasizes academic rigor as well as the essential 21st-century skills of critical thinking and creativity.

Rural Education Resource Center | U.S. Department of Education

Public Education Network

Offering a weekly NewsBlast of the nation’s education news.

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)

Containing 1.1 million bibliographic citations to a broad collection of education-related resources, from government reports to journal articles. Other materials include conference proceedings, project and program descriptions, curriculum guides, bibliographies, and more.

Ed Week

Offering a cross-site indexing process to assist you in research projects.

International Reading Association

Publishing an informative online journal called, K-12 Practices and Research in Reading.

What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) Reports

Producing intervention reports synthesizing all studies per intervention. Of most interest are Does Peer-Assisted Learning Work? and Are There Effective Middle School Math Curricula? Published by the U.S. Department of Education.

Latest Information on Dangerous Drugs and Products

Quit Smoking Organizations

Drug Rehab Resources

For Teens
Guide for Parents

How To Prevent High School Students From Experimenting With Drugs And Alcohol to your community

Addiction Resources

Addiction Resourceoffers full and verifiable information on substance addiction and abuse
AlcoRehabaddresses the problem of alcohol abuse

The Recovery Village  a place to seek treatment and rehabilitation