Presenter Materials

2023 Whole Child Institute

2016 Washington Teachers’ Conference – Westside

2016 Washington Teachers’ Conference – Eastside

Sound Practices to Reach Every Student: Making Sense of ACEs and PBIS
Wenatchee Event with Dr. Garcia, Dr. Benner and Dr. Kubista
Keynote 1 – The Importance of Whole Child Development
Keynote 2 – Social and Emotional Learning Core Competencies
Keynote 3 – Effective Practices that Support the Whole Child


Dr. Pedro Noguera – Equity through Excellence


2015 Eastern Washington Education Conference – Richland

Presenter Materials


5th Annual (2014) RTI-PLC Conference – Richland

Appel – CCSS in the Middle School ELA Classroom


Berger – Research Standards in the Common Core and Smarter Balanced: A Synthesis of Learning


Berglund – Basic Orchestra In-Class String Repairs


Bryan, Muntean, Stordeur – What’s New with National Board Certification?


Buttars – Singapore Advanced ‘Make and Take’ Session


Cooper – Wheel of Awareness: Students-Centered Curriculum and Assessment


Cooper – Moving Ahead: Common Core and National Coalition for Core Arts Standards


Craig-Mickel – User Defined Uploads for Homeroom Progress Monitoring


Craig-Mickel – Homeroom Data Extracts to Show Student Growth